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Brighten Optix Co.

Brighten Optix Co.
Publish Date :2020.10.19

Brighten Optix – Your Total Solution for Specialty Contact Lenses
As one of the largest specialty contact lenses manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region, Brighten Optix has successfully integrated Research and Development center, Material section, Design section, Optical section, Engineer section, Regulatory section, and Clinical section to create unique lens designs that fit Asian eyes.
Brighten Optix has more than four decades of experience in specialty contact lenses manufacturing and distribution in Taiwan and the Asia Pacific region.

Exclusive and Individualized.

Your Total Solution for Specialty Contact Lenses
A global leader in eye care with a clear focus on industry partnerships and research and development, Brighten Optix has a pragmatic approach and forward-thinking attitude.
Brighten Optix products, which have won several international awards for quality certification during clinical trials, are the designated brand at all medical research centers in Taiwan and China.
Such products provided exceptional results for vision correction during clinical trials while offering excellent compliance along the way. Brighten Optix uses an original lens design software to create lens designs that fit your needs in an exclusive and individualized way.

Our innovation. Your vision.

We believe your eyes are unique, offering a window into your soul. To better inform you about the importance of proper eye care for all ages, Brighten Optix offers products in three different categories: preventive care for school-age children, corrective care for adults and aging care for people above 50.
Brighten Optix also strives to provide a comprehensive range of specialized products and consultation services by eye care professionals worldwide who can meet your special needs.
In addition to developing exclusive and individualized optical correction lenses, Brighten Optix has established a vision care center that promotes and educates the general public on eye care products and clinical services, while assisting those who are in need of specialty contact lenses.
We use our advanced and sophisticated inspecting systems to accurately measure your corneal curvature and search for any refractive error. We have developed the latest technology to customize lenses that perfectly match your unique eyes.
Our technicians, which are equipped with the most advanced computers, then use a precise measuring device which determines the perfect curvature of the lens with nanometer precision.
All operations are conducted in our clean room air conditioning systems which operate 24/7 under strict monitoring. Our filtration systems effectively eliminate micro particles in the air while the facilities’ restricted access effectively prevent cross contamination.
We have the world-class expertise and facilities to manufacture top-tier lenses.
Our clean room air condition systems remain operating 24/7 to monitor. Our systems effectively eliminate micro particles in the air and with air-lock function we can control staff access to prevent cross contamination. We have the world-class expertise and facilities, to manufacture top-tier lenses.

To enhance one’s visual performance, together, we can envision on a better world.

Brighten Optix with pragmatic attitude, and continuous update the manufacturing technologies and equipment. The finest material with high oxygen permeable that we choose. The excellent manufacturing technologies are used to produce the lenses. We got lots of awards international. We aim at improving your eyesight naturally by constantly developing individualized contact lenses that fit your ophthalmic needs.